The PRI has been invited to join as a core partner the Human Microbiome Action consortium ( As Europe’s Microbiome Regulatory Science expertise center, we are co-leading a transversal work package on Ethics & Regulatory which has the objective of reaching international consensus on -OMICS standardization, pre-clinical models, clinical trial design, etc., thus providing expert recommendations to stakeholders (including competent authorities and policy makers) for the translation of microbiome data into validated applications.

About the Human Microbiome Action project (from the project website):

The Human Microbiome Action is a EU-funded Horizon 2020 project aiming to maximize the impact of European microbiome research and innovation to tackle the epidemics of chronic diseases. At the core of the project’s mission is the ambition to create coherence and harmony in the way microbiome research is and will be performed.

By aligning, structuring, and providing direction to EU microbiome research, the project will contribute to reach a health care system that takes into consideration the human microbiome…

Understanding the microbiome has enormous potential in public health, particularly in the prevention and treatment of many non-communicable diseases. Yet despite promising advances in microbiome research in recent years, meaningful clinical applications, scientific sound diet and lifestyle recommendations and public health guidance from research outcomes are still lacking. One crucial reason for this shortfall in harnessing the microbiome’s potential is the lack of commonly used and accepted foundational approaches within research.

The Human Microbiome Action project will develop a range of guidance documents and recommendations for researchers, public health officials and industry stakeholders to provide roadmaps for necessary foundations and key actions that allow for aligned microbiome research in the future.

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