Effective from 24 January 2024, Céline Druart has been appointed and will assume the role of PRI’s new Executive Director. 

After 13 years with the PRI, Dr. Magali Cordaillat-Simmons will resign from her position as PRI’s Executive Director and pursue other projects. As the PRI’s first employee in 2010, Magali has been dedicated to the PRI’s mission of clarifying the specific scientific and technical requirements for the development of microbiome-based medicinal products for the European market. She has been instrumental in PRI’s well-held reputation in the microbiome field within Europe and globally.

To ensure a smooth transition, Magali has been working closely with her PRI colleagues, and the PRI Executive Committee over the last few months.

Following the announcement of my departure and Céline’s appointment, I wanted to share how lucky I have been to have worked with each and every one of the Members, individually and collectively, and be able to help create the best asset of the PRI: its collaborative knowledge. This is a precious thing in any field, but most of all in ours – one which when used responsibly can help to overcome some of the most complex challenges in the years ahead.

I am fully confident in Céline’s ability to continue to pursue this organization’s mission – and hope that each of you the Members will give her your full support.

Magali Cordaillat-Simmons (PhD)

The Executive Committee and Board of Directors would like to sincerely thank Magali for her years of dedication to this organization, often under challenging conditions, in driving its strategy and core activities. As the first employee of the PRI in 2010, Magali has been instrumental in the PRI’s well-held reputation in the microbiome field within Europe and globally.

We would like to welcome Céline to her new position and look forward to working with her and her Team to continue to strengthen the role of PRI in this critical microbiome field, and ongoing support for our Members.

PRI Executive Committee

Céline joined the PRI in July 2021 as Microbiome Project Manager and has been a critical member of the team in managing the Regulatory Science activities of the Association, coordinating Task Group work, and supporting PRI Industry Members in their development planning. Prior to joining PRI, she held the role of Scientific and Business Project Manager at A-Mansia Biotech for three years (now known as The Akkermansia Company). Her role in A-Mansia leveraged her extensive experience gained in Patrice Cani’s research group that focused on developing the potential beneficial effects of a human gut commensal Akkermansia muciniphila and from her PhD in Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences from UCLouvain (Belgium) and Specialized Master in Industrial and technological management (Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management).

Céline will be the contact person for the PRI’s interactions with national, European and International regulatory authorities. All scientific and regulatory science questions should be addressed to Céline or Julie Rodriguez (OMICS Project Manager) moving forward. All other PRI membership-related or general enquiries can be directed to Joseph Simmons (Operations Manager).

I am honored to have the opportunity to become Executive Director of the PRI. I look forward to working with the Executive Committee and all the PRI members in 2024 and beyond in their efforts to forge a new path for the organization. Since joining in 2021, I have become even more confident in the need and utility of the Association – our science-based, precompetitive collaborative approach is a unique voice in the field.

Julie, Joseph and I are fully committed to continuing the mission of the PRI, to make the voice of the microbiome field heard and to support every PRI member.

Céline Druart (PhD)

PRI Executive Director (as of 24 January)