Purpose & People

Pharmabiotic Research Institute (PRI) | EU Microbiome Regulatory Science Center

The Pharmabiotic Research Institute (PRI) is Europe’s first Microbiome Regulatory Science expertise center – our purpose is to support and foster the development of innovative therapeutic and diagnostic products emerging from microbiome science, by bridging stakeholders in industry, academia, and EU regulatory representatives, for both human and veterinary medicine.

Our mission is to educate and contribute to the conditions of success for future medicinal innovations emerging from microbiome science by supporting and communicating on regulatory science developments within and outside of our ecosystem.

Our ultimate objective: see these therapeutic innovations achieve EU marketing authorization, thereby giving European patients access to registered microbiome-based medicinal products or validated diagnostics.

To realize this vision, we apply a collaborative method called the ‘Share & Learn Approach’ – a pre-competitive process which combines microbiome expertise with strong regulatory science principles. These efforts are fundamental to identifying and confirming the specific requirements for the development of microbiome-based medicinal products.

Founded in 2010 by microbiologists from industry and academia, we operate as an independent, non-profit organization, employing only full-time paid staff, and adhering to a transparent governance structure, required by French law according to our corporate status (association loi 1901). This ensures that we avoid any overt conflict of interest when interacting with national and European regulatory authorities.


All PRI Members nominate an Official Member Representative – this individual represents the Member Organization during the annual General Assembly, and may represent their organization on the Board of Directors.

Each PRI Member, regardless of member type, has one vote in elections (General Assembly, Board members).

Executive Committee
(202O – 2022)

Bruno Pot
Science Director, Yakult Europe
Professor, VUB


Sandrine Claus
1st Vice President
CSO, YSOPIA Bioscience


Charlotte Hemmingsen
2nd Vice President
Senior Specialist,
CMC Documentation/QA, Chr. Hansen


Stanislas Desjonquères
CEO, Nexbiome Therapeutics


Frédérique Vieville
CEO, 5QBD Biotech


Board of Directors
(202O – 2022)

Jelena Cvejic
Director Translational Science,
Accelsiors CRO


Ana Enriquez
Regulatory Affairs & Compliance
Director – H&W, ADM


Nail Nasir
Scientific Manager,
Astel Medica


Vincent Thomas
Head of the Microbiome Program,


Gianfranco Grompone
Chief Scientific Officer,
BioGaia AB


Luc Sterkman
Caelus Health


Michelle Carr
Senior Growth Project Manager,
Ferring Pharmaceuticals


Éile Butler
Senior Technical Research Manager,
Labskin UK


Sylvie Binda
R&D director for Microbiome Program and Bioprocess & Galenic platforms,
Lallemand Health Solutions

Eugenio Fernandez Alanis
Head of Regulatory Affairs,
MaaT Pharma


Selin Bolca
Director Pharmaceutical Development and Manufacturing,
MRM Health NV


Sin-hyeog Im


Marco Pane
R&D Director,
Probiotical Research


Grégory Lambert
CEO and VP Research and Development,


Monique Alric
Professeur des Universités,
University Clermont-Auvergne

Laurent Rios
Professeur en Biotechnologies & Sciences des Aliments,



Magali Cordaillat-Simmons
Executive Director


Céline Druart
Microbiome Project Manager


Julie Rodriguez
OMICS Project Manager


Joseph Simmons
Operations Manager