The PRI is pleased to host the 8th annual 2023 Pharmabiotics Conference & Partnering Event – returning to Lyon, France, at the Espace Tete d’Or Conference Center.


We are particularly proud of our program content this year, as we have continued to bring in scientific and industry presentations which touch on nearly every aspect of a microbiome-based health product’s path to market, from fundamental and discovery/pre-clinical science, through translational steps and into the clinic, all being brought into focus with market analysis and of course the PRI’s purpose, Microbiome Regulatory Science.
Our ambition with the Conference has always been to bring together innovators from across the microbiome health value chain – this is a critical point if we are going to overcome the several challenges that we face as an industry to deliver on the promise of microbiome-based medicines.
Our Keynote Presentation will be delivered by PRI Member Ken Blount (CSO of Rebiotix, VP of Microbiome Research at Ferring Pharmaceuticals) who will take us on the Regulatory Journey of Rebyota, the first FDA-approved microbiome-based medicinal product.

Our Keynote Session, curated and chaired by PRI Board Member Tomas de Wouters (CEO & Co-founder of PharmaBiome), is titled ‘From Concept to Consortia‘ – academic and industry representatives developing the next generation of microbiome-based medicinal products, based on the rational design of microbial consortia.

And if you want to learn about the most relevant Regulatory update which has faced the Microbiome field in several years – we have organized a full session and panel discussion on the proposal to revise the Substance of Human Origin (SoHO) regulation (read more here). Representatives from the European Commission and the European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines (EDQM) (read more about that here) have agreed to share key insights into this draft regulation (still being discussed in the European Parliament).

We hope you can join us in Lyon in March as we want to take this opportunity to share and learn about the complex challenges we face as scientists and developers of regulated products. I feel that this year’s edition is really unique in that we have brought together thought leaders and industry representatives from diverse backgrounds and disciplines – touching on nearly every point of the microbiome-based medicinal product development spectrum. We continue to strive to educate all stakeholders on the promise of microbiome science for human health, both its therapeutic and diagnostic potential!
Sandrine Claus

PRI President

About the Pharmabiotics Conference & Partnering Event (21-22 March 2023 – Lyon)

Pharmabiotics Conference & Partnering is an annual scientific and industry event bringing together some of the most cutting-edge microbiome science researchers with leading biotechnology companies driving the microbiome-based medicinal product field forward.

Two full-days of leading researchers, microbiome product developers and cutting edge biotechs and startups will be on the agenda.

Go to the dedicated Conference website to get the latest information – make sure to download the final agenda using the link below:

=> Pharmabiotics 2023 Conference Program