PRI Membership swells to highest numbers since our creation (Part 2) !

Part 2 of our new member update – more and more companies our joining the PRI, not only from all corners of Europe, but a new wave of North American companies as well, each looking to get a foothold in the European Microbiota & Human Health Industry. We are anticipating the first marketing authorization in Europe for a Microbiotic Medicinal Product! Join the PRI and be a part of this new medicinal future.

Here 6 of our newest members at a glance –

Matrisys Bioscience – “Re-Balancing the Skin Microbiome & Innate Immune System – MatriSys Bioscience is a Clinical Stage Specialty Biopharmaceutical Company for the post antibiotic era.  Our company focuses on dermatology and skin care and develops therapeutics at the interface of the microbiome revolution and the innate immune system.  Historically bacteria have been considered as natural enemies that must be fought. However, recent advances in skin microbiome research have led to a better understanding of the mutualistic beneficial relationships that exist between the highly diverse skin microbial community and skin health.”

Visit the Matrisys Bioscience website here.

“Siolta Therapeutics – Next generation human microbiome therapeutics.

The human microbiome has emerged as a key driver of immune dysfunction. At Siolta Therapeutics, we leverage multi-scale next-generation microbiome analyses to develop and test microbial-based therapeutics for induction and maintenance of immune tolerance.

At Siolta Therapeutics, we harness information from human microbiome studies to design next-generation microbial therapeutics that re-engineer the human microbiome to prevent or reduce inflammatory processes.

Understanding and leveraging the microbiome to influence human health, represents one of the most exciting areas of therapeutic development in the modern era – Founder, Susan Lynch.”

Visit the Siolta Therapeutics website here.

5 QBD-Biotech. Quality Business Development.

“With a global vision, 5QBD-Biotech brings efficient & pragmatic solutions, included a simple, clear & flexible documentation and quality system, suitable for any company in a fast-evolving environment.”

Contact : Frederique Vieville
Dr in Pharmacy – Industrial & Biomedical –
Engineer in Biotechnology
+33 6 08 63 74 39

Quay Pharma – World leading formulation development. The expertise to deliver results.

“Established in 2002 by Professor Mike Rubinstein, Quay Pharma is an independent, privately owned company with the scientific expertise to respond flexibly to each new challenge, and give every project the best possible chance of a successful clinical trial.

…Over the past decade we have successfully developed safe, robust and effective new products for more than 100 clients, across a spectrum of projects that range from hard-to-deliver New Chemical Entities to reformulations of established drugs, many of them now either successfully licensed or in the latter stages of clinical development. We have also helped with the successful development of a wide range of generic products, medical devices and veterinary products. Significantly, we have often devised successful formulations where other companies have failed.

Already recognised for our innovative and successful work in developing highly effective drug delivery mechanisms for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, our aim is to establish ourselves as recognised world leaders in early stage drug development…”

Visit the Quay Pharma website here.

Synlogic – A novel class of living medecines.

“Synthetic BioticTM medicines to perform and deliver critical therapeutic functions to treat diseases throughout the body. At Synlogic, we are dedicated to bringing innovative living medicines to patients by using the tools and principles of synthetic biology to genetically re-program beneficial bacteria.

Using our Synthetic Biotic platform, we are engineering probiotic bacteria to perform specific therapeutic functions with established links to disease. We can deliver these living, Synthetic Biotic medicines orally, where they act from the gut microbiome to correct missing or dysfunctional metabolic activities throughout the body. We also aim to deliver Synthetic Biotic medicines at the site of disease in cases where local activity is critical, as in stimulation of immune effectors to combat certain tumors.

Visit Synlogic’s website here.

SkinBio Therapeutics PLC – Protect. Restore. Manage. Harnessing the power of the microbiome for skin health.

“SkinBio Therapeutics is a life science company focused on skin health. The Company’s proprietary platform technology, SkinBiotix®, is based upon discoveries made by CEO Dr. Catherine O’Neill and Professor Andrew McBain at The University of Manchester.

The SkinBio Therapeutics’ platform applies research discoveries made on the activities of lysates derived from probiotic bacteria when applied to skin. The Company has shown that the SkinBiotix® platform can improve the barrier effect of skin models, improve repair and reduce bacterial load.

SkinBio Therapeutics is targeting three specific skin healthcare sectors; cosmetics, infection control and eczema. In each of these areas SkinBio Therapeutics plans to exemplify its technology in human studies. The most advanced programme is focused on the application of the Skinbiotix® platform in managing sensitive skin in the cosmetics industry. The business strategy is to partner and outlicense its programmes at proof of concept.

Visit the SkinBio Therapeutics website here.