PRI Membership swells to highest numbers since our creation !

2018 promises to be another exciting year at the PRI – with more and more companies joining, not only from all corners of Europe, but a new wave of North American companies as well, each looking to get a foothold in the European Microbiota & Human Health industry, it should only be a matter of time before we see a marketing authorization in Europe for a Microbiotic Medicinal Product. Join the PRI and be a part of this new medicinal future.

Here are 5 of our newest members –

Cobra Biologics and Pharmaceutical Services – “Cobra provides a comprehensive biologics and pharmaceuticals service offering, with multi-functional and experienced project teams nurturing customers’ products from pre-clinical through to clinical and commercial manufacture within three GMP approved facilities.”

Visit the Cobra Biologics and Pharmaceutical Services website here.

“CSP Technologies, Inc. is a global leader in delivering innovative, high-quality product and packaging solutions that give customers a competitive edge and consumers a better product experience.

Our company is focused on pioneering new technologies and designs that ensure product protection and enhance brand recognition. We are a responsive, flexible partner committed to offering customers a single, reliable source for custom product design, development, and manufacturing. Our portfolio of products falls into four categories: vials, films and blisters, molded components, and specialized packaging solutions.

CSP Technologies, Inc. has developed solutions and services to address packaging concerns in a variety of industries, including pharmaceuticals, transdermal drug delivery, food, alternative tobacco products, dry powder inhalers, and sensitive electronic components.

Visit the CSP Technologies, Inc. website here.

Microbiome Insights, situated in the heart of the University of British Columbia (UBC) campus, was born from both the Life Science Institute and the Personalized Medicine Initiative. The scientific backbone of the company is formed by UBC professors Dr. Brett Finlay and Dr. Bill Mohn, and CEO Malcolm Kendall.

Understanding the microbiome is one of the fastest growing areas of science, and a critical part of investigating how microbes function in and interact with their environments. Our team of experts and testing methods combine to provide end-to-end service with comprehensive bioinformatics for clients interested in including microbiome analysis into their studies.

Please contact us at for more information on how we can work with you.

Visit the Microbiome Insights website here.

Nutergia Laboratory – Over 25 years of history and expertise in micronutrition.

In 1989 Claude Lagarde, a pharmacist-biologist, founded Laboratoire NUTERGIA, the laboratory for Active Cellular Nutrition®. His main concern was to encourage as many people as possible to take care of their own body through healthy nutrition.

And it is with the same commitment and ethical approach that his son Antoine Lagarde and the entire team of employees are passionately developing the NUTERGIA adventure.

So for 25 years already, Laboratoire NUTERGIA has been working in your interests to enable you to find balance and well-being thanks to more than 75 high-quality food supplements supported by expertise recognised by numerous health professionals.

We are also able to offer you advice for a healthy lifestyle and solutions to rebalance your nutrition.

Visit the Nutergia Laboratory website here.

PharmaBiome is specialized in the isolation, characterization and technology of novel intestinal microbes. Our unique technology platform optimizes the lean and efficient development and production of defined, function-based microbiome therapies to treat intestinal diseases.

PharmaBiome’s proprietary development pipeline allows a fast translation from the identification of mode of action to a product ready for clinics, using tailored, ecologically sound bacterial mixtures.

The scalability of our technology enables an efficient access to new markets addressing the increasing burden of microbiome-related diseases.

Using the entire diversity of the gut microbiome, we will deliver the next generation of bio-therapeutics.

Visit PharmaBiome’s website here.