You are an industrial company looking to compliment your research and development pipeline with new microbiotic medicinal products, the PRI is here to point you in the right direction according to your needs.

You are an industrial supplier interested in assisting the microbiota and human health industry, the PRI can give you access to a qualified contact list of key industry players or be your point of contact with any specific questions relating to the industry.

You are a biotechnology company hoping to develop new concepts/products, the PRI can help you in defining the best regulatory route for your specific product.

You are an academic institution/researcher looking for an industrial partnership, the PRI is here to support you in identifying potential future collaborations.

You are a key player in the pharmaceutical industry and you are planning to enter the microbiota and health industry network, the PRI can provide you with a unique perspective of the market to enable you to make the smart decision.

You are a company already established in the microbiotic medicinal products world, the PRI is ever-present in helping you to anticipate new regulatory changes and actively providing you with a better understanding of the pharmaceutical authorities’ mindset.


Membership Packages

Regulatory Strategy

Partnering Platform

EMA Scientific Advice

Access to working groups

Yearly event: Pharmabiotics Global

Continuous access to the PRI qualified contact database

  • Working groups

  • Previous scientific advice

  • PRI Internal Guidelines

  • 20% discount to attend the event

  • BtoB networking event

On-site training with our regulatory affairs expert on a case-by-case basis

Actively provide you with a better understanding of the authorities mindset

Active assistance with the identification of potential partnerships

Complimentary webinar to help you find partners for your project

Anticipate new regulatory changes

30% discount to attend the Pharmabiotics 2018 event

Annual Turnover / Membership Dues

Organization / Membership Dues

0 to €3 million             € 3000

Industry         € 1500

€3 to €10 million         € 7000

Academic      € 0

> €10 million               € 10000

Members & Sponsors

The PRI draws its unique knowledge and capabilities from a convergence of public actors and private stakeholders, those implicated in the new “microbiota & human health” industry. Current members of the PRI:

The Pharmabiotic Research Institute benefits from the administrative and financial support of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region, the French Republic and the European Union.