Interesting conference in Vienna and all the hard work still to be achieved to provoke the microbiotic medicine revolution!0

There’s a lot of movement in the world of Live Biotherapeutics, the Human Microbiome and taking medicines to market. Here at the PRI we realise that despite the enormous progress that has been made there remains a lot of work to be done in order to satisfy the pharmaceutical world as a whole.

I recently attended the Annual Microbiome Summit in Vienna, Austria and witnessed some excellent presentations from the likes of Benjamin Lelouvier of Vaiomer on Sequencing Blood Microbiota, Nick Monsul from Quorum Innovations on his work on the Skin Microbiome but the one that hit the most was by Marie Lindner of Novartis. Marie’s candid presentation was uncompromising, honest and backed by a strong understanding of both the pharmaceutical drug development process and Microbes; yes, I’m afraid Marie told it how it is! In the world of Big pharma the jury is still out on the Microbiome and although it hurts she backed it up with thoughtful and undiluted realism.

We’ve always been of the opinion that without Big Pharma on board then the Microbiome revolution will struggle to come about and it’s for this reason that we are driving awareness and promoting a collaborative effort towards the complex regulatory challenges that need to be overcome and combining our scientific knowledge and facilitating interaction within the human microbiome supply chain!

In order to achieve our goal as a catalyst in accelerating the above we are collaborating again with I²Media as scientific founders of Pharmabiotics Global 14-15 March 2018 and we will also be present at the following conferences and exhibitions throughout Europe and the US over the next 3-4 months:

To know more about the PRI and our concerns and objectives please do not hesitate to contact me Richard Ellis, Business Development Manager, on +33669002735 or

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