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    Pharmabiotics™ Conference 2015

    As the only International conference focused solely on Medicinal Probiotics, we are pleased to announce the 2nd Pharmabiotics™ Conference will be held the same time this year, again in Paris, establishing this flagship event as an annual feature. To be held at the CAP 15 conference centre,  29th-30th October

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    New Industries, New Insight

    Doctors and patients need a new therapeutic approach via the microbiota, the community of bacteria that inhabit the human body. Pharmabiotics™, a new type of drug for which the active ingredient are living micro-organisms, face a difficult regulatory situation in Europe… Click below to find out more about the PRI at-a-glance .

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    Why join?

    Our members believe that the microbiota plays a central role in human health; this represents a new type of preventive and personalized medicine, which will require a new type of expertise. Medicinal probiotics (pharmabiotics™) represent an essential means for acting on the microbiota.

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    Our Objectives

    We strive to facilitate the development of medicinal probiotics (pharmabiotics™) by enhancing the visibility of the new microbiota & human health industry, as well as build the necessary regulatory affairs intelligence which will help to make pharmabiotics™ a therapeutic reality.

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    Service Offers

    The PRI proposes two levels of membership, each adapted to your specific needs in the development of your pharmabiotic™ product. The PRI draws its unique knowledge and capabilities from a convergence of public actors and private stakeholders, those implicated in the new microbiota & human health industry.

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The Pharmabiotic™ Research Institute

The PRI is the only expert in Europe equipped to help its members in their development of medicinal probiotics, part of the new and rapidly expanding Microbiota & Human Health industry.

The human microbiota plays a central role in human health; it therefore opens a door to a new type of medicine, one which is preventive and personalized. Pharmabiotics™ are an essential means in acting on the microbiota.

Medicinal probiotics, or pharmabiotics™, therefore represent a more effective method of treating several pathologies by healthcare providers, as well as a new growth opportunity for companies.

And yet the Microbiota & Human Health industry is still developing and will need publicity and structure. Moreover, the regulatory documentation for medicinal products was designed for chemical molecules and will require adaptation for the specific nature of probiotics (living microorganisms). The PRI is the only expert in Europe which can help its members negotiate this difficult regulatory situation.

Today we are on the brink of seeing Europe’s first drug marketing authorisations for medicinal probiotics. Are there opportunities for your business in this developing market space?

Pharmabiotic Research Institute Members